“VIP’s Message are very necessary, in every moment of our life”. Our VIP’s are expressing our Institute’s Vision, Mission and Objectives.

Honourable President, JES

Sri.C N Balakrisha, President, JES The Janatha Education Society, with more than four decade in Education Services, is committed to ...
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MC Member & In Charge of VIM

Sri Harish Appareddy I am proud to be part of the outstanding Janatha Education Society, which has committed Top Leadership ...
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Honourable Vice President, JES

Sri. K Puttaswamy, Vice President, JES I am delighted to be part of the Janatha Education Society, the leader in ...
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Hon’ble Secretary, JES

Dr.C N Manchegowda, Secretary, JES The Janatha Education Society is an unique Model Institution, which provides a very High quality ...
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